What alternative methods are available to maintain a library of SDSs?

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2023-06-19 12:48

Before 2017, all organizations were required to keep hard copies (printouts of the SDS PDF files) in binders available for all employees and inspectors. After 2017, it’s no longer a requirement to keep hard copies, and the SDSs can be made available to your employees in electronic format.

There are a number of ways you can maintain an electronic library of SDSs:

Keep SDS-files on a file share:

You can simply find the SDSs by searching the internet, download the SDS files you need and store them on a file share where your employees can find them. If you have chemicals in multiple locations, you probably want to make a folder structure and put the SDS-files in corresponding folders.


Other companies want to keep all the SDS in a single PDF for each location. This can be done by merging all the SDS-PDF files for chemicals in one location to a single pdf file – commonly called an SDS-Binder.

SDS inventory management tool

The above-mentioned methods are fine for companies with few employees and few chemicals. For companies with a larger number of chemicals and employees, online SDS Management is an optimized solution because of the following benefits:

  • Saves time maintaining your SDS library

  • An up to date register available for all employees

  • Easier to maintain a safer workplace by ensuring all employees have access to SDS for chemicals they use

  • Automatic updates to new revisions of your SDSs that save you time searching all your suppliers for updated versions of SDS for chemicals you use.

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