How do I migrate/import our current file-based SDS library to SDS Manager?

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2024-05-14 11:32

If you have your SDS stored in another SDS Management system read this article on how to migrate from another vendor to SDS Manager.

If you currently have your SDS files stored on a file-share, you can easily import all your SDSs to SDS Manager.

You can simply zip your folders with SDS-files and import them to SDS Manager.

If you have the SDS-files stored in a folder hierarchy, you can zip the whole folder structure and we will automatically create a matching location structure and add the SDSs to each location in the same way you have then on your file system.When SDS Manager imports the SDS files, we will analyze them and extract all the content found in the SDS tiles and make them available for you in your new SDS library.It is pure magic, and SDS Manager is the only company that have such an import feature.

Click here to open SDS Manager to import your zip file (require login) 

When SDS Manager imports your ZIP file, the locations are automatically created and the SDsS are added to the corresponding locations:

After importing, you will be notified about all SDSs which are outdated and should be updated with the newer version we have in our database.

To upload a single SDS file, open the "Manage SDS Library" option and press the "ADD" button.  In the dialog shown below you can drag and drop your file or browse in your system to add a SDS-PDF file to your SDS library

Click here to open SDS Manager to add a single SDS-PDF file (require login) 

If you already have SDS-binders (PDF files that contain multiple SDS files) for each of your locations, you can simply upload the SDS-binder file to a location in your SDS library.

We will automatically read the PDF you import and detect which SDSs are in the file and add them to the location.

With this method, you can populate your SDS library with thousands of SDSs in a matter of minutes. The only requirement is that you have an SDS-binder for each location in your company.

If you do not have any SDS file but have XLS or CSV file with your substances instead, the list can be imported to SDS Manager. Let us know if you prefer to build your SDS library by importing your product inventory and we will help you import the data.


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