How can I use SDS Manager to document job/work procedures for hazardous chemicals?

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2023-08-12 17:16

In SDS Manager, you can assess your Job procedure according to REACH, OSHA and COSHH.

In our Job-procedure risk assessment, you will be able to record the following:

  • Frequency of the Job procedure

  • The user that will perform the Job procedure

  • The locations where the Job procedures will be performed

  • Description of the procedure

  • Description of the job steps

  • Description of the hazards

  • Add substances (SDS) that are used in the Job procedure.

    For each substance in the Job procedure, you may register the following:
    - Form of the substance
    - What the substance is used for
    - How the substance should be used
    - How the substance should be disposed of
    - Duration of exposure to the substance in the Job procedure
    - Amount of the substance used in the Job procedure
    - Hazard types relevant for the Job procedure
    - Classification of risk, classification of exposure and effect of PPE and controls for each hazard type
    - Storage risk regarding safety events
    - Storage risk regarding environmental release events.

On the Job procedure risk assessment, the risks will be listed for use without PPE and Controls and the risk with Controls.

SDS Manager use a risk classification range from 1-5 for (H)ealth, (S)afety and (E)nvironment.

In below example, we can see that all Health risks are medium high (H3) while the safety risk is very low (S1).

The controls identified on the Job procedure are displayed on any secondary container labels available for any users of the SDS Inventory Manager.

Job procedures can be approved and revised.


Below is an example of an Job hazard analysis created in SDS Manager:

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