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Access the SDS library

With SDS Manager, you can get easy access to your SDS library and all safety information by simply scanning a QR code poster.

QR code poster      Wall tablet


Many of our customers also use tablets where SDS Manager is installed. We can help installing Kiosk software on the tables to only allow the tablet to be used for access to Safety Data Sheets, and automatically open your SDS library when powered on.


SDS Manager is specialized to be used on mobile phones

Since we extract all information from the PDF files in a structured format, information is available in a readable format that also works well on mobile phones.

The image to the left is the SDS list which read-only users will see and to the right is a detailed view of one SDS.



Easy for employees to find Safety Data Sheets in your SDS library

To find SDS for a product in your SDS library, simply enter a few keywords from the product name,  supplier name or product code.

For cases where no SDS is found in your SDS library with the search keywords, users can redo search by using our global database of 13Million+ safety data sheets.


Access to Hazard information 

On the Hazard tab, only H and P codes are showing in the SDS list. Click on the SDS in the list to see a panel with details of the codes.



In the SDS list, there are convenient quick buttons to First Aid measures,  Firefighting measures and Accidental release measures. SDS Manager also extracts PPE icons from the SDS and shows them to users.


All SDSs are given an rudimentary ratings for Health hazard, Safety hazard and Environmental hazard based on a scale from 1 to 5. The rating is done based on H and P codes found in the SDS file. These ratings will give some idea about the hazard levels associated with a product.

With our module for SDS risk assessment, you can create hazard ratings for your organization's use and storage situations.


Secondary container labels

For particular hazardous substances or when secondary containers are used, SDS Manager allows you to create labels in 15 different sizes.  

These labels have QR codes that allow users to direct access to the SDS of the product. H and P codes are shown on the labels, as well as PPE icons found in the SDS.



Access to detailed information from the Safety Data Sheets

For users that need access to more detailed information from the Safety Data Sheets, they can configure what data from the SDS to be shown.  

Below is an example where a user has configured the system to show the Boiling point on all products.



Users have access to the original Safety Data Sheet file by clicking on the "PDF" icon. As shown below, the PDF version is much less readable on a mobile phone than the extracted view of the data that SDS Manager present to the users.



SDS Risk assessment and Job procedures

If you are using SDS Manager to create risk assessment and Job hazard analysis, employees can get easy access to required PPEs and QR codes to read detailed instructions.

When users are assigned to a job procedure, you can require them to register a read-receipt (Confirm read). The read-receipt will be the documentation that the users have read the procedures and are informed about PPE and controls.


Below are examples of a dummy Chemical instruction & risk assessment and a dummy Job procedure (COSHH compliant Job hazard analysis)

Click on the below pictures to see the full reports.




Seeing is believing!

Please click on the below picture or scan the below QR code with your cell phone and see what your employees will see when they access your next SDS library.


Do we have a SDS Manager APP for iOS and Android that employees can install to access the SDS library?

Some of our customers are asking if we have an APP their employees can use.  

We strongly discourage our customers to reply on installed APPs, which require passwords for login to give access to safety information, as it is unrealistic to expect all employees to have an updated SDS APP always installed on their phones. You do not want your employees to be installing APPs and look for passwords when an accident has occurred.


Offline access to SDS library

If you require offline access to your SDS library, SDS manager allows you to create SDS binders. This is a PDF file that contain all the SDSs you have in your SDS library for a location.

Click on the below image to see example of an SDS binder.

SDS binder coverpage

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