Can I store SDSs by locations?

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2023-08-12 18:20

For organizations with large number of SDS, it can be helpful to organize the SDSs by locations/departments.

With a location structure,  you can delegate administrator access for a subset of locations to other team members. It also allows you to let your employees only have access to SDSs relevant for the site in which they are working.

You can create a location structure with unlimited number of levels.

With SDS Manager, you can link your SDSs to locations.

Below is an example of a location hierarchy. The number in the parentheses is the number of SDSs linked to each location.

You can manage your location structure under the menu "My locations". Use the button "Add location" to create new locations and the "+" button to create child-locations.

Click here to open SDS Manager to manage your locations (require login) 


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