How can I add non-hazardous substance without an SDS to my SDS library?

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2023-12-20 13:13

For some products, there does not exist any Safety Data Sheets.  

If you like to tell your employees that a product is non-hazardous and does not have an SDS, you can upload e.g. a product sheet for the product and mark it as "Non-hazardous". If you cannot find any PDF file, you can use the template file linked in bottom of this article (This product is non-hazardous.pdf).

From location management (require login)  you click "Add"  and "Browse File" to upload the product sheet (pdf) file.  In the below example we are importing a product sheet for a "Paper clip"

Since the PDF file is not an SDS - the extraction will give a warning as expected.

Click on "Open import status page" shown above.

Click the pencil icon on the file we just imported and enter the product name, supplier name and date (required but not used) and click "Save".

After you hit Save, the SDS detail page is shown where you can edit any information.  We recommend that you enter "No Danger, No SDS" as signal word.

When your employees are searching for SDS for the product "paper clip" they will now clearly see that the product do not have any Safety Data Sheet.


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