How can I use my phone and take pictures of the products I want to add to our SDS library?

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2023-08-26 16:26

A typical way to build your online library is to import all existing SDS files and delegate to your department managers to take inventory of chemicals and take pictures of product labels for chemicals not already in the system.

Use your mobile phone and open the location (reguire login) you keep your products.  Press "Add" button (1) and select "Show other methods to add Safety Data Sheets to location" and "Manually enter product" (2)

On the dialog window press the Camera icon (3) to take photo. We recommend that you write part of the product name to make it easier to manage the list of pictures.

Click Save button (4) to save the product and continue with the next product you want to add to  your library.


On our page Substances with missing SDS (require login) you will find a list of the products you have taken photos of.

Click the camera icon (1) to show the picture you took of the product.  To find the Safety Data Sheet you click the "Find SDS" button (2)

If SDS Manager already has the product in our database, you can press the "Link to substance" button (3).  Alternatively, you can upload the PDF file (4).  When you upload the file, SDS Manager will automatically extract all data from the pdf file and add the Safety Data Sheet to your library.

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