What is a MSDS-Binder?

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2023-12-08 13:02

What used to be named MSDS-Binder is now typically named SDS-Binder because the term MSDS has been replaced by the term SDS.

It is called an SDS-Binder because it is a hardcopy print of all Safety Data Sheets inserted into a Binder.

With SDS Manager, you can create an SDS-Binder file that contains all Safety Data Sheets for a location by selecting "Generate SDS Binder" as shown on below image.

Before 2019 it was a requirement that Safety Data Sheets were printed on hard copy.  Now online access to Safety Data Sheets is allowed.


Below is an example of the index page of a MSDS-Binder created using SDS Manager.

The index of the SDS-Binder file lists all Safety Data Sheets in the binder file, including Signal Word and pictogram and PPE icons found in the SDS.  To access a Safety Data Sheet, the user simply opens the SDS Binder PDF file in a PDF reader and clicks on the page number as shown on the below picture.

The PDF reader will move to the page you clicked (82 in this example) where the Safety Data Sheet is found in the SDS-Binder file.

Click the below link and test it yourself.

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