How can I check if any of the products we use are contains restricted chemicals

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2023-02-08 11:26

SDS Manager has an overview of all chemicals that are listed on a number of restricted lists like ZDHC, California Proposition 65, REACH and more.

The substances in these lists are identified with either EC or CAS number.

SDS Manager will extract the CAS and EC numbers from section 3 of the SDS you use, and we will check if any of the CAS/EC numbers are found in any of the restriction list.

In SDS Manager you will be able to list all the SDS you have in your SDS Library that have components found in any of these restriction lists.

Below is an example of how we list products with components on restricted list:

The above list is a prospective list of products that you need to assess.

When you have verified that the content is acceptable, you may want to mark the SDS as 'Approved'

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