How to create a risk assessment of a chemical?

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2023-02-08 11:26

Risk assessment of chemicals and substances can be done either via work procedures or directly on the substance for cases where the risk related to the substance isn’t related to an actual work procedure or for the case where your company does not wish to document the work procedures in SDS Manager.

For this case you can do a risk assessment of the substance itself. The risk assessment of a substance (SDS) is nearly identical to risk assessment of substances in a work procedure and contains the following:


  • The form of the substance

  • What the substance is used for

  • How the substance should be used

  • How the substance should be disposed of

  • To create Risk assessments for SDS you need the PRO version. You press “Add risk assessment” (1) to start.

    Duration of exposure to the substance when handled

  • Amount of the substance when handled

  • Define the hazard types relevant for handling the substance

  • For each of the hazard types, you can register classification of risk, classification of exposure and effect of PPE and controls

  • Storage risk regarding safety events

  • Storage risk regarding environmental release events

For all locations you have the substance stored, you can evaluate the storage risk.

To create Risk assessments for SDS you need the PRO version. You press “Add risk assessment” (1) to start.

As seen in the below example, SDS Manager allow you do document the risk of the chemical when no controls are in place (2).

As part of the risk assessment you can document required PPE and other controls required for safe handling, storage and disposal of the product and determine the level of risk in handling and storing the chemical when used according to procedures and precautions that you document in the risk assessment – i.e. risk rating after controls (3)


Storage risk is determined based on the quantity stored, the inherent safety dangers of the chemicals and estimated likelihood of an safety event for the case where controls you require and document in the risk assessment are in place (4)

SDS Manager allow risk assessments to be approved (5) and when changes are needed, new revisions can be created

Below is an example of a chemical risk assessment created in SDS Manager

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