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2024-05-22 13:18

Release notes May 22nd 2024 release

  • Support for Slovak and Latvian language added

  • For Canadian users: Added function to generate HMIS labels

  • For US users: Added NFPA diamond to labels

  • New filter for Pictograms allowing to list SDS in your library with certain Pictogram(s)

  • Filter for Hazard statement codes now use OR instead of AND when multiple Hazard statement codes are selected.

  • Changed name on "Custom fields" view to "Personalized view". In the Personalized view, users can choose from 200 data fields from the Safety Data Sheets to be displayed in a column view.

  • When using SDS approval function, user can now add comment.

  • CAS# filter now allow filtering by product name

Filter for enumerated private custom fields now allow multiselect with OR filter operation

  • New fields added to SDS library report to xls file

Approved date (if approved)
Approved by (name of user that approved sds)
Risk assessment approved date (if risk assessment exists)
Risk assessment approved by (if risk assessment exists)


Release notes March 25th 2024 release

  • SDS Binder Index now show PPE icons you add to an SDS.

  • SDS list filter now allow filtering on
    • CAS# of ingredients of product
    • List SDS without presence logged last X months. Read more.
    • List SDS where no barcode is assigned. Read more.

  • New function to email your product vendor from SDS Manager to request SDS for products.

    Your are alerted about responses from your vendor in the header.  Read more

  • New panel on Dashboard showing active SDS with ingredients on restricted chemical lists.

    To activate the panel you must select the list you want shown on the settings page

  • Improved workflow when import of SDS file fails

  • For US customers: New function to generate NFPA labels

Release notes January 19th 2024 release

  • New function to allow employees to find SDS by scanning barcode on the product.  Read more...

  • New function where all users can filter SDSs by CAS# of components

  • Added function to export all SDS with hazardous substances to xls file

  • On login - new feature to request login link sent to your registered email address.
  • Free trial user now have the option to downgrade to FREE plan after 30 days free trial expires.
  • the Menu entries for Archive and SDS Requests has been moved from Menu Compliance to Menu Manage SDS Library
  • QR code login can now be previewed from Manage QR code (require login) menu
  • SDS binder now have signal word and pictogram in Binder index and user can click the page number in the index to goto the Safety Data Sheet.

  • New feature to reconcile you stock of chemicals and SDS library.  Shoot pictures of all product labels for your products and then register presence of the product if already in your SDS library or add the SDS to your library if SDS not already in library.

Release notes November 8th 2023 release

  • Shoot pictures of labels of you chemicals (require login).  

    A typical way of building a SDS library is to walk around on your organizations premises and create a list of all chemicals that are used.
    Using SDS Manager on your phone, you can take a picture of the product label, type part of the product name and press “Save” and continue to the next chemical.  With this method you can add 100s of products to SDS Manager in an hour.  After you have added the chemicals to SDS Manger, you can start to find Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals.  Read more

  • New page for Managing QR codes (require login)
  • New page for Go-live checklist (require login)
  • New email template for informing your organization (require login) when you are ready to launch SDS Manager in your organization.
  • My locations page (require login()now list admin users on each location and allow you to add new admin users to a location.
  • Redesign of Global SDS search (require login - search in SDS Manager database of 13 million SDSs) and new ability to add SDS request for SDSs not found while searching.
  • Advanced search option now allow to set minimum revision year for search results


Release notes Sept 15th 2023 release

  • All-our-sds new filter for CAS# (both CAS# of SDS and CAS# of components), EC# and hazard statements.
  • New feature to add products without SDS to library by taking photo of product label. Read more....
  • On SDS where newer version exists page that show difference between new and current SDS is now shown  before you confirm upgrade to new version.
  • New feature to export extracted data from SDSs in your library.  Read more...
  • New feature to email your employees about your new SDS library.  Read more...


Release notes Aug 18th 2023 release

  • Added support for private custom fields  and filtering of SDS based value assigned to your custom fields.  Private custom fields suport the follwing data types: Text, Numeric, Date and Enumerated.  Read more...
  • SDS Search - Allow to search by product code. Read more...
  • Functionality to compare  two SDS in side-by-side view - usefull when you are evaluating two alternative chemicals.  Read more...
  • Access controll:  New setting to allow access to all SDSs. Read more...
  • When searching for SDS in our global database of 12 million Safety Data Sheets, the SDS that is already in your library will be marked with a blue colour
  • Free-text search in SDSs in your library. Read more...  
  • Support for GADSL chemical regulation list
  • Ability to add new parameters to an extracted SDS Read more...
  • New regulatory lists are now added

    Currently supported lists:
    Chemicals Considered or Listed Under Proposition 65 of OEHHA
    ECHA Candidate List of substances of very high concern for Authorisation
    GADSL - Global Automotive Declarable Substance List
    List of substances included in Annex XIV of REACH ("Authorisation List")
    List of toxic substances managed under Canadian Environmental Protection Act
    ROHS Directive - Restricted Substances as per Article 4(1), Annex II
    Substances restricted under REACH
    Z-1 Table OSHA
    Z-2 Table OSHA
    Z-3 Table OSHA
    ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substance List


Release notes June 15th 2023 release

Sidebar menu changes

  • Renamed Location Management to Manage SDS Library
  • Renamed Substances to SDS Compliance
  • Moved Global SDS Search from SDS Compliance to main sidebar
  • Moved Substitutions from SDS Compliance to main sidebar
  • Moved Import status to Manage SDS Library menu
  • Added Exposures modul menu 
  • Moved Manage Account to Profile menu on upper right corner
  • Moved  Moved Organization Profile to Profile menu on upper right corner
  • Moved  User Management to Profile menu on upper right corner
  • Moved  Subscriptionto Profile menu on upper right corner
  • Moved  Settings to Profile menu on upper right corner
  • Moved Invite Members to Profile menu on upper right corner

  • Added Exposure Categories to Settings page


  • Improved search bar - you can now add SDS to your library from the search bar on the Dashboard

All my SDSs

  • Added feature to create personal custom fields with text, numeric and enumerated data type

You create personal custom fields on Custom Fields tab

You set custom values on the SDS Detail page

The custom fields are shown in the SDS list

On All our SDS page you can filter your SDS by Custom fields

  • Added feature to upload attachements to SDSs in More Actions

  • Added Replace with new SDS feature in More Actions

  • Allow sorting for all sortable columns
  • Allow edit inherent risk rating in SDS detail view

  • Allow searching SDS by product synonyms

Manage SDS Library (Location Management)

  • Added ability for you to add your private synonyms to a SDS.  Typically used if you name a product with a different name than the name found in the SDS file.  Users can find SDS by searching for the private synonym you add.

SDS Compliance (Earlier named Substances)

  1. All Our SDS: 
    • Added function to search by CAS# in components

    • Added filter for Custom Fields
    • Added filter for Has Risk Assessment
    • Added button for Replace with new SDS feature Use feature when new SDS has different product name or supplier name than the previous SDS. The replaced SDS will be moved to Archive and will link to the SDS that you replaced it with.
  2. Archive: Now showing information about what SDS has replaces the archived SDS
  3. Hazardous substances: Added button to create  Risk Assessment and view Assessment related to SDS
  4. Hazardous substances - Added feature to list SDS that has CAS# listed in OSHA Z-1, Z-2 and or Z-3 tables.

5. Hazardous substances - added feature to list SDS that has CAS# listed in List of toxic substances managed under Canadian Environmental Protection Act



  • New module for managing chemical substitutions

  • Misc. bug fixes
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