User management - How can I restrict users to only have access to SDS for certain locations?

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2024-01-26 08:38

All employees in your organization can access your company’s SDS library and search our SDS database. You can manage and restrict your employees' access to specific locations and SDSs on the User Managment page (require login)

On the User management page, you can click on a user/employee and set their roles for each location:

Then click 'Save' to save any changes.

  • With ‘No Access', users cannot see or access the location.

  • With ‘Staff,' users can see the SDSs (except for hidden ones made by Owner/Admin role) and edit the substance amount.

  • With ‘Admin', users can see all the SDSs in the location and make changes to them. They can also add more SDSs to the location.

  • With 'Admin with approval', users can have 'Admin' permissions and approve SDSs, risk assessments and job procedures.

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