How do I get alerted about new revisions of SDS and how do I upgrade to the latest version?

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2023-03-11 15:44

New revisions of Safety Data Sheets are issued every 1 to 3 years.

New revisions are issued because of new regulatory requirements, or corrections or new discoveries by the supplier. Users of chemicals are required to have the latest version of the SDS in their library.
SDS Manager are crawling tens of thousands of supplier websites for new revisions of safety datasheets and add them to our database of more than 10 million SDSs.
When you use SDS manager, you will be alerted when we find new versions of SDS in your library. In the header bar of SDS Manager, you will see the allert icon showing the number of outdated SDS you have in your library.  In the example below we have 9 outdated safety data sheets that need to be updated.
Version alert
When you click on the notification bell, you will get to the page with "SDS where newer version exists" where we will list the SDS you have in your library where we have found a newer version of the SDS
SDS where newer version exists
To see the changes between the SDS you are currently using and the new version of the SDS you click the "Diff." button.  This will show you a side by side view of the changes made in the new version.
Side by side view of changes
You can choose to upgrade one SDS at a time (1) or you can upgrade all SDS to latest revision/version in one operation (2)
Update to new version
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