How to use our Google search feature to find Safety Data Sheet

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2024-01-30 16:25

Even though we have more than 13 million SDS in our database, we will miss some.

This is how we handle that case where you cannot find the SDS you are looking for in our database.

From our SDS search window click 'Search for "SDS" on Google'.



This will often give you the desired result. You can then download the pdf you found and upload the file using our “Upload PDF file” feature.

If you do not find the SDS when searching the internet, you should email your supplier and ask them to email you the SDS. They are required by law to supply their customers with updated SDSs. 

Read this article on how to handle the case where you cannot find the SDS for a product:

 How to register a SDS Request for a product to find the Safety Data Sheet later



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