I have a hard-copy or scan of an SDS file I like to add to our library

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2024-02-22 21:51

If you have a paper copy of a Safety Data Sheet and cannot get hold of any electronic files you can scan the paper copy and import the scan to SDS Manager.

You start by uploading the file.

For files that does not contain any test, the following message will be shown:

You should now click "Try using OCR" - the system will now try to read the file as an image and extract data. This usually works well if the scan is of high quality.  If OCR fails - you should either try to get a new file from your supplier or manually enter information from the SDS manually 

To manually enter product information, you open the import status page and click the edit pen on the file you uploaded.

The SDS will now be added to the location you uploaded the file.  You can now edit any information using the more menu from the SDS list.


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