Why are new revisions of Safety Data Sheets for the same product issued?

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2023-06-19 12:37

Regulations related to chemicals are constantly improved. These changes often require new information to be included in SDS or require information to be presented in a different way.

When the supplier of a SDS is aware about an error in their SDS, they are also required to issue a revised version.

Consequently, suppliers of SDSs are following the changes in the regulations and are updating their SDSs regularly. This is typically every 2-3 years. There is always a date on the SDS that indicate the revision date of the SDS.

If your company uses 300 different substances, that means that you need to update 10 or your SDSs every month to keep your library up to date.

As you can imagine, this is quite a large manual job to regularly check your suppliers if there are any updates to any of your SDS.

If you choose to use SDS Manager to manage your SDS library, you are alerted when we find new versions of your SDSs.

SDS Manager will also highlight the changes between the SDS you currently have in your SDS library and the new revision of the SDS. In our 'diff-view' we only list any information that has any changes.

See below how easy we make it for you. Data to the left is the current SDS and the data to the right is the revised version:

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