Why SDS Manager?

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2023-08-12 16:07

SDS Manager is an All-in-One SDS Management tool.

We have one of the world’s largest databases of SDSs available in 25 languages.

When you want to add an SDS to your inventory, you can expect to find it in our database, available in most languages.

Every month we trawl through 150.000 suppliers looking for updates on your SDSs.

We ensure that you always have updated versions of your SDSs.

We even alert you about any chemicals you have that contain components that are listed on any of the restricted chemical lists like ECHA, California Proposition 65, ZDHC and more.

We make it easy for you to keep your employees informed about chemical risks and PPE.

With our tool you can do and document risk assessment of chemicals and job procedures.

SDS Manager is suitable for organizations of all sizes (1-100.000 employees).

SDS Manager has a world-leading method of extracting data from the SDS files so that all data found in the SDS is available in a structured format. None of our competitors have anything similar. Most of our competitors only extract a few key data elements from the SDS file, while we extract everything. We can even provide you with an XML file of the extracted data that you can use in your ERP system.

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