How do I add Safety Data Sheets to my SDS library

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2023-02-08 11:24

We offer several ways you can add substances to the SDS Manager:

BY SEARCH BAR: Search our database for the Safety Data Sheet and add the Safety Data Sheet to one or more locations.

From Location management page:

From Global SDS Search page:

BY URL: If you have the URL for the Safety Data Sheet, you can enter the URL directly and our system will automatically download the Safety Data Sheet and add it to your Location.


FROM FILE: If you have the Safety Data Sheet file stored locally, you can upload the file to the system. We will extract data automatically for the SDS file so you will see the product name and supplier name of the product in the list of SDSs

MANUAL ENTRY: Sometimes you want to add a product to your SDS library but don’t know what Safety Data Sheet to link to the new product.

To handle such cases, you can add the product information to SDS Manager and later link a SDS to the product. This way you can let your purchasing department or logistics personnel add products to SDS Manager and let the HSE-manager add the corresponding SDS later.

In SDS Manager you will find a list of substances that are missing Safety Data Sheets. Using this list, it is easy to add missing Safety Data Sheets to keep your library up to date at any time.


Do you have your current library of SDS stored on a file server?

If yes, you can zip the SDS-files in one zip for each location. You can then import the zip file to the location in the SDS inventory manager and we will automatically add the SDS to the location.

MIGRATE FROM SDS-BINDER: Do you have SDS-binders on PDF format for each of your locations?

If yes, in SDS Manager, you can simply upload the SDS-binder file to a location in our SDS Inventory Manager. We will automatically read the PDF you import and find out what SDS are in the file and add them automatically to the location. With this method you can populate your SDS inventory manager with thousands of SDS in a matter of minutes. The only requirement is that you have an SDS-binder for each location in your company


If you have a XLS or CSV file with your substances, the list can be imported to SDS Manager. Let us know if you prefer to build your library of SDS by importing your product inventory and we will help you import the data.

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