How do I add Safety Data Sheets to our SDS library?

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2024-01-30 17:22

If you are starting to use SDS Manager now, and already have some SDS files, see this article on how to import your SDS files to SDS Manager

We provide a variety of methods to seamlessly add Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) to your library, facilitating an easy start with SDS Manager:

  1. Import your list of the chemicals, XLS and CSV format supported.  (If you already have an overview of your chemicals)
  2. Shoot pictures of labels of our chemicals with Your Mobile Phone (If you do not yet have an overview of your chemicals)
  3. Search our Database of 13Million+ Safety Data Sheets for your products (If you do not want to create a list, you can just start to add them directly from our search feature)
  4. Utilize our Integrated Google Search for the case that you cannot find the Safety Data Sheet your are looking for in our database
  5. Add SDS file you receive from your supplier to your SDS library
  6. Upgrade the SDS you have in your library when you receive a new version of an SDS from your supplier
  7. I have a hard copy of an SDS file I like to add to our library
  8. Add a a new product to our SDS library before I get hold of the SDS-PDF file.
  9. I have one product that is used on several sites and like to add the same SDS to all sites in one operation
  10. We have got a new site and would like to clone all Safety Data Sheets from one site to another site (location)

Click on the links in the above list for detailed description of each method of adding Safety Data Sheets to your library.

In method 1,2 and 7 in the list above we are adding products without safety data sheets to the SDS library.  such products are named SDS Requests in SDS Manager. After you have added the SDS requests, you need to find the Safety Data Sheets for the products you have created SDS Requests.  you can also ask SDS Manager to help you find the SDSs.  See here how to manage SDS Requests

If you're creating your SDS library from the ground up, we suggest two efficient methods: either compile lists of your chemicals and import them into SDS Manager, or utilize our Camera feature to quickly take photos of all your chemical product labels. This method allows you to capture images of hundreds of chemicals within an hour. Alternatively, if you have a smaller inventory and are familiar with each chemical, you can directly use our search function to locate and add these products to your SDS library.


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